Introducing High school students to architecture, construction Management and Engineering

The ACE Mentor Program of Greater Boston is a volunteer-driven organization that introduces high school students to the professions of architecture, construction management, engineering and the trades. Our flagship program is a free, collaborative after school program that convenes students from multiple schools at six sites around Boston as well as virtually. Each year, dozens of volunteers from our industries coach student teams through an end-to-end interdisciplinary design project such as renovating a subway station or improving a neighborhood’s resilience to climate change. Students can participate for up to four years, trying out a different “profession” each year or sticking with a topic of compelling interest.

In addition to activating student interest in our chosen industries, ACE also curates summer internship opportunities.

Finally, ACE Greater Boston raises money for scholarships to support college or training in the trades: In March 2024, ACE presented $250,000 in awards
to graduating ACE seniors.

ACE- along with more than 70 sister chapters nationwide remains available to its participants for mentoring and professional networking. ACE Greater Boston’s goal is to be a lifelong resource for our participants.

ACE Mentor Program of Greater Boston is an affiliate of the ACE Mentor Program of America. ACE Mentor Program of America.

ACE Mentor Program of Greater Boston is a 501(c)3 organization and has earned Platinum GuideStar status.

ACE gratefully acknowledges major support from the The Cummings Foundation.