• “My ACE mentors have always been great teachers. They make understanding the complex diagrams and maps in the engineering field simple tasks.” Giovanni Depina, ACE Class of 2022
    Photo of ACE Scholarship Recipient Giovanni Depina, Class of 2022
  • “ACE was the primary reason why I was able to realize my interests in construction and design. ACE is also the reason I was able to land an internship at Consigli.” Berlinda Alfred, ACE Class of 2022
    Photo of Scholarship Recipient Berlinda Alfred, ACE Class of 2022
  • “The most valuable lesson I learned from my time with ACE was to step out of my comfort zone. I opted for Structural Engineering in my first year, an intimidating subject. Every session in that group was a highlight of my week.” Libby Wright, ACE Class of 2022
    Photo of ACE Scholarship Recipient Libby Wright, ACE Class of 2022
  • “After I completed my summer internship I knew that I wanted to become an architect to make sustainable designs.” - Alejandrina Estrada, Class of 2022
    Scholarship recipient Alejandrina Estrada, ACE Class of 2022.
  • “ACE has shaped my high school experience. I’m grateful for how much I have learned about engineering in the past four years and it is now the major I want to pursue in college as my dream job.” Natnael Abbayehu, ACE Class of 2022
    Photo of ACE Scholarship Recipient Natnael Abbayehu.
  • “Throughout my time in the ACE program, I was able to connect with my mentors, not only on an educational level, but a personal one. I would have conversations with the mentors about school, life, and extracurriculars and they would give me advice.” Kaliab Tale, ACE Class of 2022
    Photo of ACE Scholarship Recipient Kaliab Tale, Class of 2022
  • “As an immigrant with a language barrier, I have always lacked confidence. I’ve been shy to ask questions in fear of people’s judgment. However, in ACE, questions are encouraged within the different groups. Mentors saying “there is no wrong answer” has motivated me to participate and take my best guess.” Sarthak Pokharel, ACE Class of 2022
    Photo of ACE Scholarship recipient Sarthak Pokharel, Class of 2022
  • Our mission: To engage, excite, and enlighten high school students to pursue careers in architecture, construction, and engineering through mentoring and to support their continued advancement in the industry.
  • ACE does this through its free after school program, where students get to engage in a real-world design project with mentors who work in the industry.
  • ACE also provides internships, college scholarships, and trade school scholarships.
  • Since 2007 ACE has served 667 students, with 281 high school seniors completing our free, after-school design program to learn about architecture, construction management, and engineering.
  • 78% of the students are people of color, 49% are girls.
  • This year, 75 students completed a full year of ACE’s after school program, all online.
  • ACE has also awarded more than $915,000 in college scholarships to 167 students.
  • We gave out $142,000 in scholarships to the Class of 2022 for their college studies.
  • ACE meets in four locations in Boston (Boston Society for Architecture, Wentworth Institute of Tech, Northeastern University, and Roxbury Community College) and two in Cambridge (SMMA and PCA Design).
  • Any high school student can attend.
  • ACE was recently awarded a second $100,000 grant from the Cummings Foundation.
  • ACE has a strategic plan to grow and serve more students and to provide more pathways into the industry. This event is part of that pledge.
  • ACE is a platinum status charity on Candid/Guidestar.
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