ACE Student Showcase 2023


Hurricane and flooding

The design challenge asked students to create plans for a humanitarian response camp after a hurricane in Boston. The camps needed to be buildable within one week of the disaster, and to provide sleeping, eating, medical, gathering, and other requirements. The camp designs used an existing park or public space as the setting.

Innovative solutions

Over 15 weeks, the students refined their understanding of architecture, engineering, and construction management. They created designs that were sensitive to the trauma experienced during the disaster, and with their mentors, they created visions for the needs of the survivors. The students then presented their designs at the Student Showcase on March 8, 2023 at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Scroll down to see photos from the event.

Also, you can see the final presentations created by each team here:









ACE is proud to have awarded $210,000 in scholarships to the Class of 2023. We wish them the best on their college, university, and trade school studies.

“The ACE Mentor program helped me build my confidence and improve my communication and collaboration skills. As we worked together on group projects, my mentors encouraged me to be an active
participant, such as presenting my team’s questions to other teams and offering suggestions
for improvement.”

Scholarship recipient, 2023

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“The Student Showcase is the culmination of fifteen weeks of learning and design work. We look forward to seeing you there!” Jen Fries, Executive Director

Who is invited

  • ACE students
  • ACE alumni
  • ACE Mentors
  • ACE board members and supporters
  • Parents, teachers, and community members
  • Partner organizations

Student at the 2019 showcase explains the LA/site design.

ACE Student Showcase

Wednesday, March 8, 6-8 PM | Watson hall, watson auditorium, wentworth Institute of Technology

On Wednesday, March 8th, join us as the ACE students present their designs, developed over the 15 weeks of the program. To set the scene: Boston has just experienced a disastrous hurricane event that has wiped out a significant portion of the city. The mayor is calling for help in creating an Emergency Response Site to assist in providing temporary shelter and community, while the city rebuilds. ACE students must design an emergency response site to provide the local community with shelter, places
to gather, play, prepare food, and for personal care/hygiene. The buildings should be sustainable, new construction, keeping in mind the ability for quick setup/breakdown, while the site should be considered in such a way that it could continue to be serviceable post-disaster.

Dinner will be provided.

Campus Map to Watson Hall, Watson Auditorium:!ce/5590?m/57092?s/

Parking in the East Lot. 

Thank you to our hosts, Wentworth Institute of Technology, for their generous support.

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Speed rotation through the disciplines

On Thursday, October 13, ACE students were invited to Wentworth Institute of Technology for our kickoff event. Students were invited to rotate through activities in five disciplines: architecture, landscape architecture, structural engineering, electrical engineering, and construction management scheduling. Did you miss the kickoff? It’s not too late to join! ACE allows students to register and join when they are able. Click here to learn about registering.

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Anthony Jimenez, Electrical Engineer mentor, explains a circuit activity to a student

Designer Jesse Eveler explains an architecture activity to students


Photo of graduating senior Abdi with his scholarship check

On March 11, ACE Mentor Greater Boston held a small celebration for our 31 high school seniors at Wentworth Institute of Technology, awarding $152,000 in college scholarships help them pursue careers in the field. The event was a stripped-down version of our normal final Student Showcase, due to precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Most of our mentors were asked to stay home, and we missed the chance to give our best wishes in person, with a hearty handshake. Instead, elbows were bumped, and a few mentors representing the discipline and site leads gave congratulations on behalf of all of us. Students did not get to deliver their final presentations, but they did get the chance to say a few words, if desired, to describe their experience in the program. Students, you will go off to college with our best wishes. Please keep in touch with ACE and follow our Linked In company page to learn about upcoming alumni events.
31 high school students pose with their mentors and giant scholarship checks


Final Presentations

Click here to view the 2020 Final Presentation files.